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Will we make it to 100,000 Opted-in Members in 2018?


We started out with just one 'like' in February 2011, and to be honest, is was probably one of our mates helping us out. However, we are pleased to say that our combined Social Media and Job Board membership has been growing at a steady pace every week now for around 300 weeks and our current marketing is attracting plenty of new and most welcome members.


In our business the numbers do matter, but more important than quantity is the quality of our membership. Most of our members have Opted-in to follow us and therefore they get to see the vacancies everyday, with more than 75% checking the jobs out on a mobile phone.


At the time of this Blog (17:27 on 15 November 2017) we have more than 80,000 active members and we have given ourselves a (NEW) target of 100,000 IN 2018. We believe this is possible and we are going for it with extended marketing and promotions across all our pages and of course our Job Board which regularly lists 50,000 Jobs each day.

Thank you for using our service, if you know a friend who may benefit please share this blog (BELOW) or one of our pages with them.

The YJI Team