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Are you the HR Manager or the Boss?

For the attention of all HR Managers and Employers

I believe I can help you find good people for your 2018 vacancies.

I am a Social Media Recruitment specialist based in Cumbria. For the past 7 years’ I have been helping employers attract suitable candidates quickly and economically. My business is known as Your Jobs in. I have more than 80,000 people using my opted-in service to find job opportunities with good employers.

I manage 15 social media job recruitment pages via Facebook and Twitter and each page is supported with an integrated 5-Star Rated Job board and an automated scheduling system that works non-stop 24/7.

How can I help you find good people?

I can advertise your vacancies to a large group of people who are looking out for the latest job opportunities, either for themselves, or for family and friends. My established social media recruitment pages have attracted a wide range of real candidates who loyally follow my service daily as it shows up on their social media. I have spent 7 years building a good relationship with them as each page offers interesting job news and employment information alongside jobs that are published every hour 24/7.

What is the cost? Answer = NONE

For a limited time I am offering you the opportunity to test my service without any charge. I genuinely want to demonstrate how it can work for you without you having to take any financial risk. I believe you will like the results and then you may take advantage of my service in the future.

No catch, no obligation – just a good old fashioned honest offer from me to you.

To post your vacancy without charge please visit my Genuine Offer page HERE