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Every day, in fact it's every hour, we post job vacancies across 12 or more social media pages. The posts are for individual jobs, jobs in specific sectors, and they often include video promotion to help boost a particular employer. Our systems literally work 24/7 reaching out to more than 80,000 'REAL' opted-in job seeking members and their friends. When an employers post jobs on our job board, here at Your Jobs in   he power of social media takes each job and shows it to thousands of active and interested people who are either seeking a new challenge for themselves, or looking for opportunities for their family and friends. Many employers have tried other recruitment services, often paying many hundreds of pounds for each vacancy to be advertised and finding themselves frustrated with a lack of response or seeing their vacancy getting lost in complicated and over subscribed endless lists of jobs . WE GUARANTEE YOUR JOB WILL BE SEEN BY REAL PEOPLE WHO ARE SEEKING REAL JOBS We invite new employers to test us here    - it is simple, cost effective, and straightforward
The Sun is up and the Sky is blue - we are ready to rumble in the job-searching jungle... how about you? 8,235 new jobs already added to our job board today and thousands more coming this week. Jump out of bed with a new enthusiasm for life and find your happy. Good luck, make 2018 your year.
Well that was a busy year, how was it for you? We have welcomed thousands of new members over the past 12 months and have seen new and returning employers use our service to fill their vacancies. We would like to thank you for your ongoing support as we prepare for a bumper 2018. The recruitment industry is set to manage hundreds of thousands of vacancies as Brexit unfolds next year and the job market becomes even more focussed on finding good people fast and economically. We have more than 80,000 active job-seeking members and anticipate another 20,000 joining us in 2018, taking us to our target of 100,000. Our systems work 24/7 with automated postings every hour of the day and we regularly have up to 50,000 live vacancies from as many as 20,000 employers. We wish our members and employer clients a very happy holiday and look forward to working for you in 2018 Thank you The Your Jobs in Team
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